In order to stand a chance against enemies, your armor and weapons will play a major factor. It's important to equip the most powerful equipment you can find.

How to get better equipment
You can gather new equipment multiple ways, depending on your playstyle you may choose any of the following methods:
  • Collecting silver to buy equipment from the trader
  • Defeating powerful enemies on the battlefield
  • Completing quests
  • Defeating other players
What do i do with gear?
Equipment can be either stored in your inventory, salvaged for resources, sold to the trader or equipped by your hero. Depending on your hero class some items you receive may not always be useful so if you find yourself low on resources you can salvage the item to recover parts which can be used for crafting later. The trader will buy most equipment from you, the item will then be available for other players to buy.  You have limited storage space in your inventory, however you can also simply destroy an item instead but you will not receieve anything in return.